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REVIEW + GIVEAWAY ~Strings by Kendall Grey~

Title: Strings
Author: Kendall Grey
Series: Hard Rock Harlots #1
Release Date: April 20, 2013

My Rating: 4 Stars
WARNING: STRINGS is not suitable for slut shamers, uptight stone throwers, Holier-Than-Thou prudes, humorless virgins, persons with chronic neck or back pain, pearl-clutching bitties, those who disparage crude humor or vulgarity in their many forms, closed-minded people with sticks up their asses, or anyone under the age of 18. The vile, base language and shocking, unholy sexual acts contained herein are not condoned by anyone with a lick of sense and should certainly not be reproduced without proper training and protection. The potty-mouthed and perpetually horny "heroine" (the term is used loosely) of this book does not resemble a normal, well-adjusted, or remotely believable person in any way, shape, or form. The author acknowledges that the characters in this book are shallow and two-dimensional; the plot is both ridiculous and insipid. She makes no apologies for any of it.

* Readers are strongly advised to wear latex gloves whilst reading to minimize contamination risks.

Free-spirited musician Letty Dillinger adheres to a strict, “no strings attached” policy when it comes to men. After a wild night of unabashed sex in a fancy hotel room, she never expects to see the adventurous stud she dubs “Shades” again. When her all-girl rock trio books a tour at the last minute as the opening act for their archenemies, Letty’s shocked to discover she knows the competition’s new lead singer. Intimately. Shades is no longer a one-night stand. Now he’s the guy she has to one-up on stage every night for the sake of her career.

Sharing close quarters on a bus with her sexy nemesis and his bad-boy buddies puts Letty’s Golden Rule to the test. On this tour, guitar strings aren’t the only things being played. And when heartstrings are pulled too hard, they’re bound to snap sooner or later.

Holy Hell! That's all I have to say, review over... Ok, fine I'll expand. This book is so incredibly over the top. In everything. The sex (oh jeez, do not read this is the company of others), the characters, the humor. All of it is just SO much. Not too much because it's funnier than any book I've ever read, and dirtier too, which all get a great big star in my opinion. But whatever you take away from the warning multiply it, because this is unlike any book I have ever read.

Letty Dillinger is a slutty, kick butt, rock your face off chick. She gives zero effs about what anyone thinks, but she still has a huge heart that she loves entirely with. Make no mistake, that loving heart of hers does not bring any fluff to her. She will stick up for her friend on minute but, if you cross her she will turn around and cut you out. So, said rock chick is in a band struggling to make their way to the top. They have what is takes but, not the connections to get there. With a push from their manager the begin touring with an all male band, who happen to be the girls' archenemies. Complete with a new lead singer, who Letty happened to use to her sexual content just the other night. Shades is just as free-spirited as Letty. Together their sex is dirty and entirely physical. Imagine both of their surprise when their feelings begin to mesh and they find themselves more invested than they ever imagined. 

This book is not a fairy tale. The love is not gushy, or extremely heartfelt. The characters play dirty, talk dirty, and their sexual preferences are even dirtier. Their humor is 100% gold. I'll admit, even give the warning I was shocked to my core by this book. But I couldn't stop reading it. The author is completely unforgiving. Ms. Grey could care less about her brash writing, and scarring my poor, naive imagination. The shock factor wins out though. It sucked me in until the end. Don't imagine this to be your normal, "aww cute" ending. It's more of a "Rock On!" ending. Very apt considering the subject matter. Shades and Letty would rather screw like monkeys than gaze sappily into each others eyes. Which works just fine for me. I could not have enjoyed this book more. And now I must bid my farewell to catch up with Jinx and Toombs because their chemistry and kinky, eye screwing have me completely entranced and I must know what happens with them!

*Review copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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  1. OMG I flippin loved this series!!!!! Strings is over the top but like you I loved every second of it! I just had the pleasure of meeting her this past weekend and she is super cool and funny in person too!
    I loved the second book Beats just as much but be warned it is NOT like this one. The subject matter is heavier and the emotions deeper.
    Happy Reading!