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REVIEW ~Dreamweaver Trail by Emily March~

Title: Dreamweaver Trail
Author: Emily March
Series: Eternity Springs #8
Release Date: May 27, 2014

My Rating: 3 Stars
Love and forgiveness spin their magic as a woman discovers that home is where her heart belongs in Emily March’s moving new Eternity Springs novel.

After another lonely Valentine’s Day, Gabi Romano trades mountain snowfall for sunshine and sand at a luxurious Caribbean getaway. There she discovers a hidden talent for creating fine art glass. She also meets Flynn Brogan, the sexy caretaker next door who brings her fantasies to life. But when violence interrupts their romantic interlude, she learns that Flynn is living a lie. Heartsick, she decides to concentrate on her craft. Playing with fire is safer than loving a man like Flynn.

Flynn is determined to make things right with Gabi—until his enemies interfere. Now damaged and driven by a need he cannot define, he seeks out Gabi’s Colorado community, hoping for reconciliation and some peace. But he never imagined a place like Eternity Springs, where lives are changed, second chances are given, and the possibility exists for two wounded souls to find their way home . . . to each other.

Gabi Romano has taken to finding herself. After a traumatic event and leaving behind her career she's hell bent on finding someone that makes her feel good again. Ironically, Flynn Seagraves is on that same path. He's got a murky, and devastating path that he's running from and being high profile doesn't help matters. The hurt, and loss send these two running right into one another. However, they can only escape from reality for so long. After a blissful couple of weeks secrets are unearthed, old wounds are reopened and after a strange turn of events they'll find themselves on opposing sides and running once again. 

The good: 
You can definitely expect the same heart warming and quippy dialogue from Ms. March in the eight installment. Gabi has been such a firecracker in the previous books, but she really lays it out in this one. She got on the fast track to becoming one of my favorite heroines in Eternity Spring. Flynn on the other hand- my heart just ached for him. He had the worst of the worst hands dealt to him. As a result he became brooding and shut off. Although, you know how much I love a brooder so it worked in his favor. The dynamics between Gabi and Flynn were quite adorable. They may be tough on the outside, but they melt when they're around each other. A trait that I always find so incredibly endearing. Side note- Bismarck is the absolute BEST! Love that dog. Probably made the story 5 times better with his antics. 

The bad:
This book took a very strange turn. I won't give it away, but about a third to a half of the way through the book I was left completely baffled. Take the circumstances out and I sort of like where the story arc was headed. However, the circumstances seemed too far-fetched for me. It took this once fun-loving series so a very peculiar place. Second bone to pick- I didn't get enough time in Eternity Spring catching up with everyone. I understand that at book eight something has to give otherwise the book would be 1,000 pages long. BUT a the first half of the book doesn't even take place in the quirky little town.

I still loved my trip to Eternity Springs. I don't think I'll ever say no to reading a book in this series because I feel like I know everyone in real life. I have a laundry list full of characters who I can't wait to see what happens to. These books do have a reputation with adding some semi-outlandish suspense into the mix. I just think this plot twist took it a little too far. Don't get me wrong I still thoroughly enjoyed this book, I'll just have to put aside the whole mind-boggling aspect. Bottom line- if you love the Eternity Springs series I still think you'll enjoy it. If you haven't read them, then you need to and start with book 1 right now! :)

Happy Reading!
*ARC provided by the publisher in exchnage for an honest review*

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