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BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY ~Mended by Kim Karr~

Title: Mended (aka This Blew My Mind)
Author: Kim Karr
Series: Connections #3
Release Date: June 3, 2014

Rating: 5+ mind-melting, gut-wrenching Stars!


Always in control, Xander Wilde considered life on the road to be a perfect fit for him. But when disaster strikes on the Wilde Ones’ latest tour, fate intervenes…and a newly single Ivy Taylor, the only girl he has ever loved, steps back into his life.

After moving past her painful breakup with Xander years ago, Ivy was poised to become the next big name in pop music…when suddenly she withdrew from the limelight—the same day she announced her engagement to her controlling agent, Damon Wolf.

Xander knows he should keep his distance. But once they’re on the road, he can’t resist pursuing her for a second chance. Yet a jealous Damon can’t let her go—and he’s keeping dangerous secrets that could destroy them all. 

When the three of them come together, everything falls apart. But if Xander and Ivy can hold tight to the bond that connects them, they just might have a chance at reclaiming the powerful love they thought they had lost forever....

Kim Karr, can you please stop breaking my heart? You do it so well, and I really do enjoy it. However, you have the power to make me utterly distraught one minute, and happy as a clam the next. Really, my witchy author, you have a gift. 

On to the actual content that broke my heart- Mended is Xander, River's brother, and Ivy's story. This is a second-chance story, wrapped up tightly in lies, secrets, lust, and most of all the best kind of love. A love that prevails every obstacle- be it time, distance, people (or scum as I like to refer to a certain someone). Ivy and Xander's love affair will take you on this magnificent ride. You know, the ones that give you whiplash, but leave you feeling exhilarated? Best comparison to this book. 

Xander and Ivy had a teenage romance that was cut far too short when life and tragedy got in the way. Fast forward 12 years Ivy is not where either of them thought she would be, and Xander thinks he's happy, but he's fooling himself. They're the solutions to each others problems. Ivy needs to break out on her own and she needs the band that Xander manages to do that. While Xander simply needs Ivy. And Ivy will soon learn she needs Xander as well. You have not truly experienced foreplay, and sexual tension until you've read Mended. Honest to hotness, this book was a push and pull nightmare. I say nightmare, but really? I gobbled up every bit. It's not as frustrating as one would think. Ms. Karr gives you just enough to tide you over until Ivy and Xander find themselves in another twist of limbs, and whispered promises. So the push/pull and melancholy about their history gets you to about the 50% mark in the book. That's when I wanted to curl up in a ball, and cry. Everything went wrong. Everything. No worries, though our beloved author is good at making the best messes and fixing them in the most unforeseen ways. 

When Ivy and Xander finally come to terms with their past, their present decides to take over the reigns to hell-town. Hit after hit these two are served. From friends, to enemies, to family. Xander and Ivy's lives are on a quick downward spiral. They're torn apart, then mangled up a bit and left wondering how their worlds have been turned upside down. Xander's reality is completely altered. Ivy is in deeper than she expected. And the aforementioned scum is standing in their way of healing. It takes time to untangle the massive web of deceit, and evil. True to form Ms. Karr makes me believe nothing will be okay ever again. 

This is why I'm utterly obsessed with Kim Karr's books. She takes me on the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. Every. Single. Time. Mended was no exception. Truthfully it may have hit me a little harder than Dazed did. I think it mostly had to do with the dynamic characters. We've seen Xander in the previous books, but we really get to know him in this book. Every asshole-ish thing you think he's done, he redeems himself. He's an alpha, lovable and truly endearing. He's so gruff with everyone, except Ivy. He will go through anything for her. Yet, his own demons haunt him and his world is upended and he's still  left standing. He's a stronger hero than 99.99% of the previous male leads I've read. Stronger by definition of his actions, morals and soul. Ivy is much like him. Stronger than most would be in her case, unflappable, and unwavering in her loyalty and love. She's the girl that will bend until she breaks. Thankfully, Xander is there to take some of the weight, and she returns the favor. This book, and its predecessors, came to life for me. I saw every character and action so vividly in my mind. It's a lusty contemporary, with mystery, sucks-you-in drama and infinitely weaved plot. It's truly astounding what the author has accomplished with this cast of characters. Trust me when I say this is the most devour-able book of the year. 

Happy Reading!
*ARC received by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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