Monday, June 11, 2018


Title: Double Down
Author: Alessandra Torre
Series: All In Duet #2
Release Date: June 18, 2018
The stunning conclusion to the All In Duet...

In Vegas, there was one man who was off limits. One man… and I fell for him. 

I knew there were risks. Still, I played the game. When Dario Capece called, I answered. When he beckoned, I came. When he broke all my rules, I looked the other way. 

I knew there were risks. I just never realized they included death. 

*Note, this book is the second and final book in the All In Duet. It should be read After Even Money.

Title: Even Money
Author: Alessandra Torre
Series: All In #1
Release Date: June 2, 2018
From NYT Bestseller Alessandra Torre comes a suspenseful and seductive duet...

Sometimes it only takes a minute. A connection of eyes across a room, a quickened heartbeat, and everything changes.

I was a cocktail waitress with a fondness for partying and meaningless hook-ups.

He owned half of Vegas, with the reputation to match.

I should have turned away. Instead, I stepped closer.

Then, the lies started. Rumors spread. Stalking commenced. Someone died.

None of it stopped me from falling in love.

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