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DUAL REVIEW ~Take a Chance & Last Chance by Erika Wilde

Title: Take a Chance
Author: Erika Wilde
Series: Vegas Heat #2
Release Date: June 15, 2017

My Rating: 5 Stars
The son of a con-artist, Sean O’Brien learned the hard way that living by your own rules comes with a price. After a brief time behind bars, Sean is now ready to live an honest life, and pay for his past mistakes, and he’s fortunate enough that a member of The Reliance Group sees Sean’s potential for good and gives him a job at the Onyx Casino. 

Zoe Russo has met all types of men on the Vegas strip. But when Sean pays a visit to her boutique, she’s certain her luck has changed for the better. They share an immediate, irresistible attraction, and for the first time in her life she’s found a man she thinks she can trust. But when Zoe stumbles onto the truth about Sean and his reasons for pursuing her, she can’t help but question everything they’d shared. Are his feelings for her real, or has she been a fool once again? Until now, nothing has prepared her for the thrill and risk of taking a chance on love.
Sexy. Exciting. Everything I could ask and hope for in a great new read! Take a Chance follows Sean and Zoe through an orchestrated meet, and an even more orchestrated beginning of a relationship. Crafted by TRG and Sean to help hone in on Zoe's father as part of a job. But the more time Sean spends with Zoe the less he cares about who her father is and what he's done. 

Zoe is a spitfire of a character, and I loved seeing her give Sean a what-for, but also know when to lay the tude aside and tell him she needed him. Sean... sigh... He's just pretty magnificent. Yeah, he's done some shitty things, but nothing that was unforgivable in my eyes. And when they're together... that's the real story for me. It's an inseparable kind of connection that inexplicable, you just know you want more of it, from their perspectives and from the readers. 

Take a Chance is a wonderful addition to the Vegas Heat series!

Happy Reading!
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Title: Last Chance
Author: Erika Wilde
Series: Vegas Heat #3
Release Date: June 22, 2017

My Rating: 5 Stars
As the Executive Casino Hostess for The Onyx in Las Vegas, Valerie Downing is always on the lookout for the night’s biggest winners. When she spots a man―one of the sexiest she’s ever laid eyes on―generating huge excitement at the craps table, she knows she’s in luck. Her goal: To make sure the high rollers stay at her hotel, and that any further gambling is invested right back into the casino. His aim: To enjoy some other “perks” that Valerie might have to offer…

Turns out Chase Pierson is already a VIP guest who happens to be working with Valerie’s boss on a top-secret mission for the Reliance Group―one for which she too has been recruited because of her psychic abilities. But Valerie, bold and gorgeous as she is, is first and foremost a professional. No fraternizing with Onyx clientele is her motto…except this hard-bodied, infuriatingly charming client is tempting her to break all the rules.
Last Chance is a perfect cherry on the Vegas Heat Novels. Valerie and Chase have a combustible chemistry, only to be matched with a high stakes and enticing story that will leave readers will a kinds of warm fuzzies their hearts for this series. The historical flare added into this book just made it that much more devour-able.

This book is only enhanced by the secondary characters which I have come to love from reading their stories, or glimpses of them in the past books, and Valerie and Chase have become just as beloved as the previous couples. Now, having said that I NEED SKYE AND CALEB'S STORY!! Like stat. I hope, beyond hope that we get to see where that little minx will finally make the toughest guy at TRG fall to his knees!

Happy Reading!
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Book #1 in the Vegas Heat Series
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Erika Wilde is the author of the sexy Marriage Diaries series and The Players Club series. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two daughters, and when she's not writing you can find her exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For more information on her upcoming releases, please visit website at

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