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REVIEW ~A Little on the Wild Side by Robin Kaye~

Title: A Little on the Wild Side
Author: Robin Kaye
Series: Wild Thing #3
Release Date: January 6, 2015

My Rating: 4 Stars
A woman who gets what she wants...
Bianca Ferrari—ex-supermodel turned successful business woman—seems to have it all: beauty, brains and a career she loves. And she did it all by herself . . . through sheer force of will and ruthless determination. So when her life is suddenly turned upside down, it's hard for her to admit that going it alone may not be an option...

A man who knows what she needs...
Sexy, rugged and down-to-earth, Trapper Kincaid has a knack for attracting all kinds of women—mostly the wrong kind. When he finds out that the exhaustingly independent and drop-dead gorgeous Bianca is in serious need of help, he knows he's the man for the job. But Bianca isn't going to make it easy...

Oh how I missed the quippy and endlessly entertaining worlds that Robin Kaye writes in. Embarrassingly, it's been far too long since I've picked up one of her books. However, I've learned my lesson and I will be stocking up on all the older books and upcoming ones pronto! A Little on the Wild Side is just as I remember the earlier Domesitc Gods novels. Hilarious with strong, willful and memorable characters. 

Trapper and Bianca are two people who think they live in completely different worlds and due to their own screwy pasts are up for nothing than a few repeat romps in the bedroom... all across the globe. Imagine, meeting a lover in a foreign city? Gah, colored me extremely jealous. But these two had a perfect setup until Bianca went MIA and stayed that way. Eventually causing the no-repeat-bedmates Trapper to hunt her down. Imagine his surprise at what he finds when he comes knocking on her office door...

Trapper becomes hell bent on making Bianca his. He's seen the light, he's lived a life Bianca-less, and doesn't quite like it that way. So as these two embark on a push-pull, give and take journey they learn far more about each other than they ever planned and fall even harder. They're both bull-headed and have a lot of learning to do, if they're going to be in a relationship. However, their circumstances are less than ideal for swooning and falling into love. Their distrust goes far enough that it may screw up their future before they can even begin it. 

Trapper is a guy any woman would love to have. Sure, he has is issues and negatives, but he tries so hard it makes it impossible not to love him. And damn that common sense he spouts at just the wrong time that leaves you wondering if you should give him the finger or a kiss. Bianca... I get her. I connected with her so incredibly well, it was almost scary. Her hot and cold feelings were very understandable and I empathized with her every step of the way. They equal each other out in just the right aspects. A definite ying and yang couple. I could not have asked for a better couple to introduce me into the fun, sexy world of the Wild Thing series. You can guarantee I'll be picking up and devouring the rest of the series!

Happy Reading!
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