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SERIES REVIEW ~The Plus One Chronicles by Jennifer Lyon~

Title: The Plus One Chronicles Boxed Set
Author: Jennifer Lyon
Series: The Plus One Chronicles
Release Date: December 6, 2013

BOOK #1- The Proposition (NOTE: This review is from a previous post, but the reviews for books 2 and 3 are new :))

My Rating: 5 Stars
Rich, sexy and volatile, Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda that keeps his heart on ice. His extreme wealth gives him the control he craves and his skills as an ex UFC fighter the tools he’ll need to extract his ultimate revenge. But when the woman he never believed he’d see again crosses his path, Sloane is caught between the vengeance he needs and a sexual conquest he craves.

Kat Thayne has been in survival mode for six years, hiding behind the sweet creations for her bakery. But when a random carjacking brings her face-to-face with her darkest fears and hottest fantasy, Kat is forced out of hiding and offered a dangerously passionate proposition. One she knows she isn’t strong enough to refuse.
I am shaming myself for having not picked up this book sooner. I saw The Proposition floating around for some time now and I was definitely intrigued but, I had such a long TBR list. I finally had a break and was able to pick this one up and boy I am so happy! Sloane Michaels is my new BBF (book boyfriend forever) and I am so thrilled that there are two more books in this series. I have been a big fan of Jennifer Lyon's since her Wins Slayer Hunters series, so there was no doubt in my mind that this series was going to be just as good. I was completely floored by The Proposition. Some may call if Fifty-esque, and it is to a point but, it is so much more than another FSOG. Jennifer has brought alpha to a new level with Mr. Michaels and has completely captivated me as a reader. 
"No one had ever made her feel this.. sensually savored. Worshipped and wanted."
Kat Thayne is a scarred woman. She has experience trauma and confusion and it cost her the life she had settled for. For me it was a terrible experience that Kat had but, I'm beginning to think it may have been the catalyst for amazing things to come her way. Enter Sloane Michaels. The night he lays eyes one Kat he feel a familiar pull to her but, can't place where he has seen her. When she dashes out of the room and follows her and ends up saving her from another attack. Kat refuses to play the "swoony, fall at her saviors feet" card. Instead the strike a deal. Kat will accompany Sloane to any events where a plus one is required/needed and Sloane will teach Kat to defend herself. But these two? I felt like I should be covering my eyes because they just might spontaneously start devouring each other in the middle of a public place. They have an insane amount of chemistry and it is some of the hottest that I have read. 
"But she couldn't shake the sensation that Sloane Michaels had been to hell. And he hadn't found his way back."
When Kat and her parents and ex come to blows at her brothers engagement party she is forced to relive parts of her attack and make a choice between Sloane and her family. I can't really say I was surprised by the outcome, once you read more about Kat's past you'll want to applaud her like I did for her composure and courage. I have a feeling these two are going to be the best thing that happened to one another. They have such dark pasts but, they find the light in one another and I can't wait to find out their tribulations and experience their trials. Reader commentary: about halfway in, I really wish she hadn't tapped out :)

BOOK #2- Possession
My Rating: 4 Stars
Savagely sexy billionaire Sloane Michaels ruthlessly controls his life and everything in it. Even his sex partners are carefully negotiated plus-one arrangements, including his latest, the fiery bakery owner, Kat Thayne. But Sloane’s control is challenged when his mentor becomes seriously ill, and his need for Kat, his need to possess her at all costs, rivals only his single-minded goal of vengeance for the murder of his sister.

After surviving an attack six years ago, Kat Thayne escaped her fears in the protective world of her beloved bakery. Then Sloane Michaels storms into her life, making her feel beautiful, strong and sexy. Yet as Kat pushes her boundaries and uncovers a dangerous secret in her past, Sloane’s controlling side emerges. Worried that Sloane will possess her mind, body and soul, Kat fights to keep her hard won independence. But just as Sloane demands her complete surrender, she discovers he has a dark side that could destroy them both.
The second installment of The Plus One Chronicles picks up 3 days after the end of The Proposition. Kat has had time to come to grips with her encounter with David and is ready to continue training and being Sloane's plus one. This book was so important in building the back story for what comes to light in the third book. We are introduced to a new, and very important, character- Drake. He is as close to a father as Sloane has ever had. He quickly becomes just as important to Kat, as well. This was a very fast-paced and informational book. We get a lot of questions answered, but there are still a few left unanswered, and some new questions arise.

Sloane and Kat become more comfortable with one another, even if they are flummoxed by their feelings. They start to open up more. It was really a testament to both of their characters that they could open up about all of their thoughts and past and be a stronger couple on the other side. Kat continues to be just as headstrong and stubborn, while Sloan is just as, if not more, protective. Kat's demons are still chasing her, and she still can't remember what happened the night of her accident. So, while Sloane is trying to help her get back her memory, his demons come knocking too. With evil coming at them from both sides the pressure to resolve the conflict weighs down on Sloane and Kat.

This book held a lot of twists for me. It was a guessing game, I though I knew where it was headed and then it would go down a completely different route. And not only do Kat and Sloane have people coming at the from all angles, but a secret between the two left this book on a cliffhanger. I can't tell you how relieved I was that I could just swipe to the next page and find out what happens. The second installment to this fantastic series, is a great addition and a rollercoaster of emotions. It gave me a better glimpse at what makes both Kat and Sloane tick, and definitely eluded to some of their obstacles that will arise in the third book. Scroll down to read my review for the third, and final, installment!

BOOK #3- Obsession
My Rating: 5 Stars
In the explosive conclusion to The Plus One Chronicles Trilogy, obscenely rich, jaggedly handsome and still obsessed with love and vengeance, Sloane Michaels must face an impossible choice: lose the woman he loves or betray his twin sister’s memory.

Watching the man she adores destroy himself for revenge, Kat Thayne knows she should run and never look back. But running isn't her way anymore. Kat has grown into a fierce fighter, and the man who helped her get there is the very man who needs her strength now. But as the sizzling passion and hard-won love bind Kat and Sloane even tighter together, old secrets and lies explode around them. Danger threatens. And Kat soon realizes that she’s risking more than her heart to be with Sloane…she’s risking her very life.
This book was probably the best of the whole series. It had me gasping, laughing, crying. Everything. Talk about a conclusion. Everything comes to head in the third, and final book, of Sloane and Kat's story. All my questions got answered, and my heart got broken a little bit along the way. But no worries, it was pieced back together :) This is a very "things aren't always what they seem" book. Kat and Sloane have so much to figure out and plan for, and that's not even including their personal relationship which is rocky at best in the beginning of Obsession. Drake becomes a rock for Kat, and vice versa. Drake is so similar to Sloane, that he is able to talk Kat through Sloane's inner thoughts, and help get the two back on track. Drake was basically a cure-all. Once Kat and Sloane made it past their rough patch, they went all in with their relationship. They began voicing their feelings more openly, and making long term plans with one another. And while Kat may not be able to understand or support Sloane's decision to deal with his past, she is willing to fight for him and their future, and he right there beside her.

Kat is taking a chance in her professional life with her bakery, which leads her to look at the pictures from her accident. While flipping through them she finds the key, that will open up a can of worms for her and Sloane. It was one thing after another in this book, and it never slowed down. Things become so intertwined that you won't even be able to guess what will happen, until it already has. If Kat and Sloane were tried through this whole series, this will be their ultimate test. They will have to withstand betrayal, death, and consequences to make it to the other side.

This entire series gripped me from beginning to end. Kat and Sloane are a new favorite couple of mine and while their story ends with Obsession, I will probably end up revisiting them quite often. The final installment especially, made me cry bad tears and good tears. And it was one of those books where everything moves so quickly, and the emotions have building the whole time and then they just hit you all at once. And trust me when I say that Kat and Sloane deserve the happiest of endings after all they went through. I highly recommend this series to everyone. It's got elements, that I think most romance readers will be captivated by. And with how busy this book got, it's safe to say that it is one of a kind. FYI: when I say busy, I don't mean crowded, this is an extremely well-written and well thought out book that I enjoyed immensely!

Happy Reading!
*Review copies provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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Meet Jennifer:
Jennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her beloved dog, Duke, who was cast in the role of hero in all their adventures.

Clearly Jen was born to daydream. But it took her years to figure out how to turn her imagination into a career as an author. After marrying and becoming a full time mom to three sons, Jen launched her career with the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and other romantic mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Later, she took the name Jennifer Lyon, combined her love of witches, alpha males and sizzling romance into another award winning series, the Wing Slayer Hunters.

Jennifer has several new releases coming out this year. THE PROPOSITION, the first book in her new Plus One Chronicles was just released on February 24 and following later in the year will be Book Two: POSSESSION - Coming 5/28/13 and Book Three: OBSESSION - Coming 9/24/13.

Writing under Jennifer Apodaca she will be releasing the first book in her Once A Marine series, titled THE BABY BARGAIN which will be out in March 2013 from Entangled Publishing in their Indulgence line.

Connect with Jennifer:

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