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BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY ~One To Hold by Tia Louise~

Title: One To Hold
Author: Tia Louise
Release Date: October 8, 2013

My Rating: 5 Stars

WARNING: Mature themes, strong language and sexual content. Recommended for adult readers (18+) only!

Derek Alexander is an ex-Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her.

Standalone, M/F, HEA.
I'm not quite sure where the amazing little gem named Tia Louise has been hiding but, I could not be happier to welcome her to the world of Romance. Her debut novel is quite fantastic! Need a for instance? *Tiny spoiler ahead*  During the first interaction between the main characters they end up having hot, and I meant hot, up against the wall sex in a public place. I mean really? This book started off with a bang, pun intended, and it just got better from there. From beginning to end your heart strings will be tugged and you will probably be in need of a fan. One To Hold was a magnificent introduction to Tia Louise, and I hope that she develops this into a series! 

"Derek might've shown me I wasn't to blame, that I could fall in love, that my life could get better. Buy before any of it could be realized, I had to finish here. I had to get back on my own two feet."

We start off with Melissa. She and her friend Elaine are at a spa retreat in Scottsdale, when Melissa runs into Derek. Before Melissa knows what hits her, what was supposed to be a one night stand, turns into a sinful, steamy week long affair. Derek and Melissa cannot get enough of one another. And while their best friends, and travel companions, Elaine and Patrick are occupying one another, Derek and Melissa fall down a rabbit hole of satisfaction and lust, and perhaps more? Before they can explore their feelings further it is time to depart back to their regularly programmed lives. This is the point where everything went to hell. There were hints dropped that Melissa was dealing with a deeper situation than just needing a girls week, but we don't get a full explanation until about half through the book. Oh boy, does shit hit the fan. Melissa has a massive amount of unresolved baggage waiting for her back home, and before she can put her final plan into motion she gets the shock of a lifetime. Her one week affair has come back to bite her in the ass, figuratively you pervs, and destroys her heart in one fell swoop. I have to applaud Melissa's character, she is an enormously well grounded and strong heroine. She makes it through, relatively unscathed, except her heart. Can she ever forget Derek and what he was beginning to mean to her? Well she's going to have to, because she can't get past his betrayal. Things start to calm down and then Ms. Louise hits you win another semi. I won't spoil everything, just know that when you think all if safe and sound, its probably not :) All in all the ending is perfect but, getting there was an overload of emotions with twists and turns every which way.  

"I know right then she's saying she'll do whatever I want, and that's the funny thing with power. When the one you love gives it to you, you start looking for every opportunity either to give it back or to give her happiness with it."

Melissa and Derek are a new favorite couple of mine. Derek in all his hot, ex-military glory, and Melissa is one kickass woman. These two compliment each other, and were clearly made for one another. Through the upsets in this book neither one waivers from their undeniable attraction/passion for the other one. It was always a matter of true character and unearthing it. The funny thing is Melissa states that she has been left very cynical, but when you look back none of that cynicism is shown when she is with Derek. Derek can complete Melissa, she just had to learn to trust him. One To Hold is the perfect mix of passion, drama and heart skipping a beat moments. Tia added the perfect amount of humanity in her characters. There were times where each character was on my shit list, but most of them redeemed themselves :) I truly hope Tia Louise continues with Elaine and Patrick's story, I have a feeling it will be sublime! One To Hold is a book you do not want to miss! And you will definitely want to keep an eye on future books/news form Tia Louise!

Happy Reading!
*I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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Meet Tia:
Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire ALL of her stories... *wink*)---turned wife, mommy, and novelist.

It's possible she has a slight truffle addiction. And she will never look at a family restroom the same way again.

ONE TO HOLD is her debut adult romance.

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