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REVIEW ~Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson~

Title: Three Weeks with a Bull Rider
Author: Cat Johnson
Series: Oklahoma Nights #3
Release Date: March 25, 2014

My Rating: 4 Stars
One Broken Man…
Cowboy Jace Mills has suffered fewer injuries from bucking bulls than he has from his ex-girlfriend. Following his best friend Tucker’s advice, Jace is convinced it’s time to move on. But with his ex’s tight rein on him, easier said than done.

One Broken Heart…
Tara Jenkins learned a lot in her sports medicine courses, but not how to fix her broken heart. So when her brother Tucker suggests using her skills on the rodeo, it gives her the perfect opportunity to ride off into the sunset—or at least run away.

Three Weeks Together…
Only problem is, Jace and Tara have had a hate-hate relationship for over a decade, putting up with each other for Tucker’s sake. With their long history as frenemies, they know sparks will fly, they just never expect them to flare into scorching passion…

Three Weeks with a  Bull Rider was not what I expected. It was better. Ms. Johnson bleeds reality and fiction together for a wonderful story. Jace and Tara are enemies turned lovers but, more than that they healed each other in the process. What was once physical therapy to help them get over their respective heartbreaks turned into a deeper, and more seated relationship than either of them was ready for. This book was refreshing in so many ways- it was a nice break from the ever present angst in books lately, and it showed magnificent growth among the two main characters that was truly believable.

We pick up in the third installment after Logan and Emma's wedding with Tara's heart being shredded by Logan's rejection. I have to say, it kinda broke my heart that Tara and Logan were a no-go. Granted, I am a sap for the "I've been in love with him since I was too young, and he's my brother's best friend" line. Eventually, I came to grips. Eventually being when Jace and Tara started out on their three week rodeo circuit. In the beginning I didn't think I was going to be okay with this pairing. Jace seemed to be too much of a playboy and on the rebound from Jacqueline, and Tara seemed too childish. It was a complete turnaround by the end of the book. Jace begins to be the only person that doesn't treat Tara like a child, and therefore helps nix her childish ways. In exchange, Tara helps Jace work out and solidify his feelings toward Jacqueline. In the midst of their journey, Tara becomes resolute in one of her goals. To do away with her innocence completely. Jace, may have inadvertently signed up for the gig, but he vows to play by his strict rules. No sooner are they burning up the sheets, then they change course and part ways. Leaving unanswered questions, and mixed emotions behind, ones that they may never have the chance to straighten out... If it weren't for Jace's stubborn ways.

The entirety of this book was awesome from start to finish. The sex is hotter than hot, the chemistry is off the charts, and the hilarity is laugh-out-loud worthy. It was a complete package. There was one little piece missing though. As much as I loved what transpired between Jace and Tara, I wish Tucker had gotten a good tongue lashing from Tara. He was incredibly patronizing toward her. In the beginning, it may have been warranted but, at the end she deserved something more from him. Again, a very small and minor bug, inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it's been nagging at me. Anyways, overall- two thumbs up! Jace and Tara are two characters that healed together, grew together and deserved nothing but the best, and in my opinion they got it. I can only hope, that I will see more after their "Happy For Now" ending in future books. I love to catch up with past characters, and I feel like they, and myself, could benefit from a snippet or two in the years after this book ends :)

Happy Reading!
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